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At Kinky Dogging we can point you in the right direction for all the top dogging locations in the UK. Dogging is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, so whether you want to go dogging in London, dogging in Essex, or dogging in Kent, we’ll be able to find the most popular dogging locations near you. If you've never tried dogging but have always wanted to try sex with others watching, then Kinky Dogging is the best place for you to find the most popular and safest dogging locations in the UK. Dogging is the latest craze in the UK, everybody wants to try it, so join Kinky Dogging and find the nearest dogging location to you so that you can explore your dogging fantasies in a safe environment meeting fellow doggers and satisfying your desire to try sex in a public place. Everybody wants to try dogging, so FREE join today and find the best location for you first try at dogging.

Top 10 UK Dogging Locations

Over the last couple of years the UK has seen an increasing popularity in the practice of dogging, and hundreds of locations for regular doggers, or anyone wanting to engage in a little al fresco naughtiness, are popping up all across the UK from John O'Groats to Land's End. So with all this choice of dogging locations where will you choose? Do you want to find a location in your area, or do you prefer to keep your sexual liaisons separate to your everyday life and want to find a dogging location further afield? Wherever you decide to indulge your kinky side with a spot of dogging, we can point you in the right direction with some of our favourite dogging locations.

  1. London: For our London-based doggers the top location is the appropriately named Lovers Lane, in Chiswick. Just off the Hammersmith Fly-over towards Richmond, this is a really popular spot for dogging in London. Plenty of parking, and plenty of action! Other places to check out are Clapham Common, near the O2 arena in Greenwich, and Primrose Hill.

  2. Essex: For dogging in Essex, our most popular location is at Fairlop Waters in Barkingside. There are two car parks here which are increasingly popular with the doggers of Essex, one close to a pub, in case all that naughtiness makes you thirsty! Alternative dogging locations in Essex include the car park opposite the Camelot Pub in Chigwell, and off the A414 heading from Harlow to Hertford.

  3. Kent: There’ll be dogging over the White Cliffs of Dover! Excellent dogging exhibitionism for those wanting to go dogging in Kent, go to the cliff car-park which over-looks the eastern docks. Check it out for some very interesting views! It’s also worth checking out the Cobtree Manor Country Park in Maidstone, and Haysden Country Park.

  4. Cornwall: Bit of an obvious one this, but apparently the best action to be had for dogging in Cornwall, is the nudist beach at Carlyon Bay in St. Austell. Just head along to the Coliseum car-park. Other places that might be of interest are the A39 between Kilkhampton and Bude, the right hand side of the harbour at Mevagissey, and the car-park at the town hall in Bodmin.

  5. Norfolk: at number 5 is another great place, partly due to the name! Swingy Lane in Wymondham is perfect for dogging in Norfolk. Just carry on to the end of the lane around 8pm, and park up for a night of naughty fun amongst the trees. Other spots to investigate are Roydon Common, and near the rugby club at Cobholm, Great Yarmouth.

  6. Bristol: For those fancying some dogging in Bristol there’s extra fun in store, because they’re off to the zoo! At Bristol Zoo, in the north car-park on Clifton Down, there is plenty of kinky fun to be had after closing time. Also try Tog Hill, and the Bristol Downs

  7. Somerset: Dogging in Somerset is quite a classy affair, because one of the top dogging locations in Somerset is at Dunster Castle on the road to Minehead. It’s a nice dark spot with plenty of trees, and extremely popular with dogging couples. Cheddar reservoir is also a good place to go for dogging in Somerset, as well as Brookhampton, off the A303 in North Cadbury.

  8. Devon: There’s lots of fun to be had in Devon for people wanting to go dogging. A particularly good spot is Ashcombe, near Haldon Hill. On summer evenings people generally get out of their cars and head down a track towards a large flat stone, where there’s plenty of steamy dogging fun to be had. Alternative hot spots for dogging in Devon include the central car-park in Plymouth, Walls Hill, in Babbacombe, and the Leisure Centre car-park in Barnstaple.

  9. Surrey: If you want to go dogging in Surrey, head out to the A31 heading from Guildford to Farnham. You’ll see a lay-by with loads of bushes, fields and secluded spots on the Hogs Back on the Surrey Hills. Also worth a look are the south car-park at Shirley Hills in Croydon, and Chobham Common.

  10. Birmingham: For dogging in Birmingham one of the most popular spots is at Canon Hill Park, in Moseley. Through the car-park on the right hand side is a great secluded area with lots of trees and bushes, and lots of opportunities to get acquainted with the doggers of Birmingham. Other good spots are Bourneville, Rowheath Park, and the old airport at Aldridge.